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How it Works

How it Works: 

If you have participated in the NPFC in the past and don’t need a reminder of the process listed below, you can simply register your students teams by going to Teacher Login

Get Started:

1. Begin your competition journey here: 

2. On the drop-down menu search for your state and click ‘Go’. 

3. Click on ‘Teacher Registration’, enter your information, create a password, and click ‘Register’. 

4. Click on ‘Teacher login’ and enter your email and password. Make sure your profile is up to date! 


Prepare Your Teams: 

1. When you’re in your dashboard, make sure you understand how the competition works and take advantage of our ‘Practice Tests’. 

2. Click on ‘Register your Students’ and select a time/date administer the test.

3. Prepare your students with our NPFC toolkit and practice tests. CEE’s Financial Fitness for Life (available for purchase here) offers lessons and activities to teach a robust personal finance curriculum.

4. Use our practice case studies to give your students the chance to apply what they have learned and build their critical thinking and presentation skills. 



1. On the date of the test, your students will go to 'Student Access" to log-in to this portal and complete a 30-question, 30-minute online challenge covering the six knowledge areas of personal finance. 

2. You will be notified about your team(s) results at the conclusion of your state competition and will be alerted if your team advances to the next round. 

Every state participating in the online National Finance Challenge Competition administered by the National Council for Economic Education will have a champion. Among those state champions, the four highest-scoring teams will be invited to National Finals.



1. The National Personal Finance Challenge Finals will be held in Cleveland, Ohio at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland from May 19-20, 2024.

2. The Council for Economic Education will not cover the teams' travel costs to the National Finals.

3. All expenses are paid once in Cleveland, Ohio. This includes lodging, food, and any event costs.

4. The Finals will consist of three rounds.

5. An initial Case Study Round - The top 16 teams advance to the next round as decided by judging panels.

6. The Top 16 teams will then compete in a 20 question Quiz Bowl where the Top 4 teams will advance.

7. The Final Challenge is a 25 question Quiz Bowl to decide the winner of the 2024 National Personal Finance Challenge!