Welcome to the Washington Financial Challenge! 

Testing Window: May 22nd to 9 pm May 26, 2023

The Washington Financial Literacy Challenge is designed to recognize students who demonstrate high levels of personal finance skills and reward teachers for outstanding practices in teaching personal finance curriculum.

All high school students are eligible to participate in the program.

There is no cost to either teachers or students to participate in the Washington Finance Challenge and no formal courses in Personal Finance are required.

 Teachers – There are no participation fees.  Register for the game by May 20, 2023

 Students – Study hard, the Washington Finance Challenge will test your knowledge.


  • First Place: $100 gift card
  • Second Place: $75 gift card
  • Third to 5th Place: $50 gift card
  • Teacher with highest average Class Score (minimum of 15 students):  $150 gift card

Challenge Topics

  • Earning Income & Protecting and Insuring
  • Using Credit & Buying Goods and Services
  • Saving & Financial Investing
  • Budgeting

Rules and Competition Process:

1) Student Eligibility

Students must be enrolled in high school courses for the 2022-2023 academic school year to participate in the high school competition (grades 9-12). With special permission, middle school students may participate.

 2) Procedure

Registered students will enter the Finance Challenge ONLINE! website and complete an online test of 30 questions. Each student will be allowed a maximum of 30 minutes to answer the questions, but all team members must complete the exam within 3 hours.

  • Each student will be given 30 minutes to complete the test.
  • Scoring on individual tests is done as follows:
    • +10 points for each correct answer
    • 0 points for each incorrect answer
    • Tie Breaker: Shortest time spent taking the challenge test

If a student is observed cheating on an exam, they will be removed from the competition.

Washington will not be participating in the National Finance Challenge in 2023.  Educators in our state requested one person teams.  This format does not correspond with the format followed by states with teams qualifying for the national competition.



  • You will need to complete the Teacher Registration and be approved by your local administrator before you can begin creating teams. Please note: teachers may have an unlimited number of students participate in the Challenge. Click here for an instructional video on Teacher Registration.

Enrolling Students:

  • Once you have registered as a teacher, you can begin to create teams of four students (the registration form is set up in a team format, BUT your students will be competing as individuals, so don't worry about your team composition). Washington Students are competing as individuals, but you enter the names as if they were to be assigned to teams. This means that you can follow the directions in the video linked below. You can name the teams 1, 2, 3, ... If you are ready to create your teams for this year's competition, you may do so by accessing your Team Administration page and selecting 'Create New Team'. If you need any guidance on creating teams, click here for a quick instructional video.

Student Access Codes:

  • Once your teams have been created, each student will be assigned a unique access code that can only be used once - at the time of completing the challenge - and can only be used by that student. Watch this short video for guidance on locating your students' access codes.

Completing the Challenge:

  • You decide when your students will take the exams.  Just choose a three hour window anytime between May 22, 2023 and  and 9:00 pm on May 26, 20213  All of your participating students must take the exam in the same 3 hour window. Distribute the access codes to your students when they are ready to take the Challenge. When it is time for students to complete the challenge, they will select 'Student Access' and enter their access code that was assigned to them. They will then complete a short identification and challenge integrity confirmation before they begin the challenge. For insight on student access and the layout of the challenge, check out this short video.

Accessing Student Data:

  • Once all of your student teams have completed the challenge, teachers can access their scoring and category data from their team administration page. Scoring data will show both the individual student score as well as the team score, while the category report will show student performance in each subject. For a walkthrough on accessing student data, please watch this short video.