How it works

  • Register as a teacher.  If you register by May 16, your students are entered in the May competition.   
  • Once you have registered as a teacher, you can begin to create student teams of four students (the registration form is set up in a team format, BUT your students will be competing as individuals, so don't worry about your team composition). After entering your student information, you will be given a unique access code for each student. You decide when your students will take the exams.  Just choose a three hour window anytime between May 17 and  and 9:00 pm on May 21,2021.  All of your participating students must take the exam in the same 3 hour window. Distribute the access codes to your students when they are ready to take the Challenge.
  • Once competition begins, students can enter the Finance Challenge ONLINE website and complete a 30-question, rapid-fire exam consisting of categories on 
    • Earning Income & Protecting and Insuring
    • Using Credit & Buying Goods and Services
    • Saving & Financial Investing
    • Budgeting

Each student will be given 30 minutes to complete the test.

Scoring on individual tests is done as follows:

  • +10 points for each correct answer
  • 0 points for each incorrect answer
  • Tie Breaker: Shortest time spent taking the test

If a student is observed cheating on an exam, they will be removed from the competition.

Please note: teachers may have an unlimited number of students participate in the Challenge. 

Rules and Competition Process:

1) Student Eligibility

Students must be enrolled in high school courses for the 2020-2021 academic school year to participate in the high school competition (grades 9-12). With special permission, middle school students may compete. Please contact Pam Whalley at for permission.

 2) Competition Process

  • Teachers register students.
  • Online testing takes place throughout Washington between May 17 and 9 p.m. on May 21 
  • Select a day and time block for your students to take the online test. Scheduling of the online testing is done at each teacher’s discretion with the teacher acting as proctor.  No notes, books or cell phones are allowed during the test.  Students are prohibited from working collaboratively on the quiz.
  • Teachers will be provided with a unique access code for each student. Distribute these codes to your students only when they are ready to take the online test.
  • Registered students will enter the Finance Challenge ONLINE! website and complete an online test of 30 questions. Each student will be allowed a maximum of 30 minutes to answer the questions, but all team members must complete the exam within 3 hours.

Washington will not be participating in the National Finance Challenge in 2021.  Educators in our state requested one person teams.  This format does not correspond with the format followed by states with teams qualifying for the national competition.