Welcome to the Minnesota Council

Serving the Teachers and Students of Minnesota.

Founded in 1961 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the Minnesota Council on Economic Education (MCEE) seeks to provide Minnesotans with the economic and personal financial understanding they need to function effectively in a complex, global environment. The Minnesota Council is hosted by the Department of Applied Economics at the University of Minnesota, Dr. Julie Bunn, Ph.D. is the Executive Director.

The Council accomplishes its mission by developing and conducting teacher and community education programs, using existing organizations and networks. The goals of the Minnesota Council are to provide comprehensive economic & personal finance education to educators; develop and disseminate high-quality curriculum materials; provide curricula, teaching exercises, and student competitions that augment existing curricula and instructional objectives; encourage and reinforce the efforts of education professionals to bring economic understanding to the youth of Minnesota; develop and support educational programs aimed at the general public, educators, communities, and other targeted groups; and develop and advocate the use of measurable outcomes to indicate program effectiveness.

The Minnesota Council's programs are delivered through a network of University-affiliated Centers for Economic Education located at Minnesota State University-Mankato, Minnesota State University-Moorhead, St. Cloud State University, the College of St. Scholastica, the University of Minnesota-St. Paul Campus and the University of St. Thomas. The academicians who serve as center directors bring Minnesota Council programs to educators. They are contributions in-kind by their universities as a partnership pledge with the Minnesota Council to bring improved economic understanding to Minnesota educators and their students.

If you would like more information or would like to learn how you can support the Council please contact us at or 612.625.3727.  Visit us at today!