All high school students are eligible. Teachers can register as many teams as they like, with 3-4 students on each team.

There is no financial cost to teachers or students to participate in the Personal Finance Decathlon.


  • Supervision must be provided to ensure the legitimacy of results. *2021: MCEE is available to help with virtual proctoring if needed.

  • Team members must be separated during the online competition.

  • During the online competition, students are allowed a blank piece of paper and a pen or pencil.

  • Calculators, phones, and/or other electronic devices are not allowed. The use of the internet or other resource materials is prohibited.

  • Each student is given 35 minutes to complete the 30-question test and must complete the test in one sitting demonstrating their knowledge of 10 areas in personal finance. Click here to read the descriptions of the 10 areas being tested.
  • The top teams from the competition along with several "wildcard" teams will be invited to participate in the state competition.


The sum of the top three individual scores on each team makes up the team score. Scoring on individual tests are as follows:

  • The online Personal Finance Decathlon will have a single 30-question test, with a 35-minute time limit; maximum score of 300

    • Students must submit an answer to move on to the next question – there is no deduction in points for an incorrect answer. (+10 for correct, +0 for incorrect, +0 for any questions unanswered when time runs out).
To view the National Economics Challenge Rules & Eligibility Guidelines, click here.