The Ohio Council on Economic Education is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit educational organization. We launched our program of activities in 1953, and for over fifty years have worked with teachers, state officials, educational organizations, and businesses to ensure that our state curriculum includes meaningful standards for economic understanding. Our efforts provide teachers with access to resources, so they can discover and implement innovative, effective classroom practices and activities.


The Ohio Council on Economic Education and it affiliated Centers work to promote and increase economic understanding among the citizens of Ohio, primarily by assisting schools and teachers to develop the ability of students to make reasoned economic choices and understand the world around them.


We strive to be Ohio’s leading resource for quality economic education programming.


We believe…

A free market system provides the best hope and opportunity for an individual and the community to achieve an improved standard of living for all. That living and working in a free market-driven community and nation requires every individual to be responsible for shaping the direction of his or her life.

Thinking and reasoning skills make it possible for individuals and communities to make informed economic decisions. That economic education results in opened minds that can anticipate, identify, and shape opportunities for each individual, because it teaches analytical thinking and rational decision-making.

We also believe in and value:

  • A balanced non-partisan presentation of economic issues.
  • The highest standards of academic and teaching excellence.
  • The ability of students at every level to learn and apply economic principles.
  • Our unique partnership of education, business, civic, and labor organizations as the foundation for realizing our vision and mission.