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The Alpaugh Family Economics Center began as a teacher training initiative of the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce in 1976. In 1977, the Center was incorporated and established a permanent existence as part of the University of Cincinnati.

While the Center has maintained its teacher training as a core service, we’ve added student programs and competitions, an award-winning online financial program called $martPath, partnerships for the financial education of the larger community, and a research team to serve businesses and governmental partners in our region.

Every year, the Center’s research team consults with more than 30 business clients on their economic data and analysis needs. Their work includes everything from market analyses to feasibility studies, economic impact projects, and workforce development initiatives. Through this work, the Center and its partners contribute to the health and vitality of our region’s economy.

The Alpaugh Family Economics Center is a part of the Council for Economic Education’s national network.

The Center is also a member of the Association of University Business and Economic Research.

Our Mission:

The Economics Center creates informed outcomes through the implementation of economic and financial literacy programs for K-12 students and teachers and through the unbiased analyses of our economic research staff.

Our Vision:

Equipping every child and every community leader with the tools to make effective economic and financial decisions.