To the Alabama Personal Finance Challenge


With additional support of Wells Fargo, Alabama State Department of Education, University of Alabama, and Council for Economic Education,

Give your students a chance to demonstrate their knowledge of personal finance in a fun and rewarding way!

Middle School and High School Divisions

  • January 26 - Teacher Registration Begins
  • February 16 - April 19- Online Competition - Teams login and face the Challenge!
  • April 22, 2022 - Announcement of top middle school team online test score.  This team is the middle school state champion. Each team member and the teacher sponsor receives a $50 gift card.
  • April 22, 2022- Announcement of top online high school team. This team will be invited to participate in the online national semi-final test. Each team member and the teacher sponsor receives a $100 gift card.
  • May 9 - May 12 - National online semi-finals will be held one day during this time period. The teacher sponsor selects the date that the team will compete .
  • May 16 - 22 - Top semi-final teams compete in First Round of Finals - Virtual Critical Thinking Round
  • June 4 - 6 - National Finals 
  • Teachers- Register for the Alabama Personal Finance Challenge today and start creating your student teams. Each person on a four person team has 35 minutes to individually complete a 30 question online test. No limit on number of teams per school. Test results are confidential
  • Students - Study hard! The Alabama Personal Finance Challenge will test your knowledge of Earning Income, Protecting and Insuring, Spending and Credit, Saving and Investing

Teachers can create as many student teams as they'd like at no charge.

Students compete in teams of three to four.

You can find a teacher toolkit here.

Teacher training workshops and webinars with curriculum materials!

To register for a workshop, go to or email



Good luck to all of our student competitors. The National Personal Finance Challenge is a great way to flex your intellectual muscle and compete with students from across Alabama in an exciting and fun competition.

Contact us if you need information or assistance.