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The Arizona Personal Finance Challenge (PFC) invites teachers to challenge their students in an academic competition showcasing student's knowledge of personal finance. This is a fun and competitive way to engage students more fully in their learning while assessing how well they are meeting financial literacy standards. Any student in grades 9th through 12th enrolled in economics, personal finance or an economics or personal finance related course in an Arizona school is eligible. Middle school students are invited to test their knowledge of personal finance in the middle school division.There is no fee to participate!

If you are new to the Arizona Personal Finance Challenge, welcome! You will need to select “Teacher Registration” from the menu and create your teacher profile. Once your profile is created your registration will be confirmed within 24 hours. You will then be able to log in and begin creating your teams.

If you are a returning teacher, welcome back! Your profile information is saved from your previous participation, and you can log in to begin creating your teams for this year’s challenge!