Missouri Council on Economic Education

Promoting Economic and Personal Finance Education

The Missouri Council on Economic Education was founded in 1969 as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization to foster economic understanding in Missouri. The Council promotes enhanced economic and financial literacy by educating teachers on these topics and providing them with materials essential to economic and financial education.

Since 1969, five centers for economic education, as well as a branch of one center called Operation Outreach, were created to help the Council carry out its mission. Specifically, the Council provides financial assistance to the centers and coordinates strategies for advancing economic education throughout Missouri. The Council maximizes resources by focusing educational efforts on training teachers and giving them tools to provide economics instruction for the remainder of their careers.

Teachers of kindergarten through the high school level are trained in methods for integrating economics into their curriculums, thereby enriching subject areas such as the communication arts (reading and writing), math, business and the entire range of social studies. In addition to its primary responsibilities, the Council educates the media and the public on the costs of economic illiteracy and explains how increased levels of economic and financial literacy benefit individual lives and society. Council staff members also serve as expert consultants to state and local education agencies that seek advice and direction, and they raise funds and promote events and programs to improve capacity of the five centers.

One of a Kind

The Missouri Council on Economic Education is the only organization in Missouri that:

  • establishes state centers for economic education to conduct economic and financial training for teachers before and after graduation;
  • promotes principles of economic and financial education by including them in the curriculum of every Missouri student;
  • participated in the creation of the Missouri Show-Me Standards, Missouri’s fundamental statement of what students should learn in school, starting in kindergarten through the high school level;
  • promotes the reform of teacher certification to include training in economic and financial education;
  • created bipartisan and non-political coalitions to promote recognition of the need for increased economic and financial education in Missouri; and
  • has a history of successfully conducting teacher education programs, creating innovative curricula, and promoting the need for increased economic and financial education statewide.

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