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Welcome to the New Jersey Personal Finance Challenge!

The Online Challenge will run from January 22nd to April 7th, 2024.

What is the National Personal Finance Challenge? 

The National Personal Finance Challenge is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge of personal finance by taking a 35 minute, 30 question exam on key topics in Personal Finance.

The New Jersey competition is fully online, free, and is open to all students regarldess of prior experience or coursework. There is a high school division for grades 9th-12th and a middle school division for grades 6th-8th.

The highest scoring team will become the state champion and represent New Jersey in the National Finals rounds. The National Finals round will consist of a case study scenario. For more information on the national competition, click here.

Steps to Register

  1. Teachers must first register to create their teacher profile. Returning teachers do not need to register again. 
  2. Once a teacher has registered, they sign up their teams of 3-4 students. Students cannot register themselves. Teachers can sign up for as many teams as they want.
  3. Overview ‘The Rules’ page for before you begin your test


Please contact Alex Lamon, Executive Director, NJCEE at  if you have questions or need assistance.