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The California Council on Economic Education is responsible for helping California’s K-12 teachers implement economic education requirements. It is a nonprofit, nonpartisan consortium of education, business, political and labor leaders dedicated to advancing economic literacy throughout the state. This organization is affiliated with the Council for Economic Education in a nationwide network of state Councils. The California Council works in partnership with the California Department of Education, the California State University, the California Association of School Economics Teachers (CASET), the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and other organizations throughout the state. We deliver economics programs through our Centers for Economic Education located on university and college campuses.

Leading the charge for economic education in California, the Council pioneered the Economics Mandate passed in 1985 by the California Legislature requiring completion of a one-semester course in economics prior to high school graduation. We use a comprehensive four-prong approach for grades K-12, resulting in systemic change rather than random, uncoordinated efforts. The California Council on Economic Education:

• Promotes state and national standards that integrate economics into the K-12 curriculum.

• Develops innovative curricula that prepare California’s K-12 students to participate in the global economy as responsible workers, consumers, savers and citizens

• Advances professional development in economic education for the state’s K-12 teachers.

• Assesses the results of our efforts through well designed tests for both teachers and students.



California Council on Economic Education

For all questions contact Gladys Alfaro, Program Manager, Community Financial Education or 310-373-2483


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