The Challenge is about to begin!

Join hundreds of high school students across the state in this great academic smack down.


National Personal Finance Challenge Timeline:

  • Jan. 22nd - March 1st - Online Competition for California
  • March 8th - Top 10 teams of the online exam are announced!

  • April 4th (San Francisco) and 2nd (Los Angeles) - State Championships  The top 5 teams of both tests (in each region) meet for competition (See details below)

  • May 10th - National Competition: The University of Nebraska Licoln College of Buisness 

National Prizes

  • First place: $2000 for each team member, Banner
  • Second place: $1000 for each team member, Banner 
  • Third place: $500 for each team member, Banner 

The National Personal Finance Challenge is embracing a new format for the competition. For the second year in a row, teams at the finals will be assigned a case study for which they need to apply their financial knowledge to developing a plan for their case study and then presenting it at the event.

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