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How it Works

The Rhode Island Council for Economic Education and Rhode Island Jump$tart Coalition believe that economic and financial literacy is a critical life skill.

It was Nobel Laureate in Economics James Tobin who said in 1981 “High school graduates will be making economic choices all their lives, as breadwinners and consumers, and as citizens and voters. A wide range of people will bombard them with economic information and misinformation for their entire lives. They will need some capacity for critical judgment.”

Rhode Island educators and students are national leaders in advocating for financial capability. In November 2014, Rhode Island became the fourth state to adopt the Council for Economic Education standards for Personal Financial Literacy.  

Thanks to the generous support of Fidelity Investments, Rhode Island students now have the opportunity to compete in their knowledge of personal finance through the 2024 Rhode Island Personal Finance Challenge. We are looking forward to the Challenge for all of our students!