Welcome to the 2021 Rhode Island Personal Finance Challenge!

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The 2021 RI Finance Challenge online testing period is March 15, 2021 - April 23, 2021.

Teachers may continue to log in and register new students and teams until the testing period ends on April 23.

Welcome! The 2021 Rhode Island Personal Finance Challenge is a wonderful opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge of personal finance by competing with other students from across the state in multiple-choice examinations.

This year, the Personal Finance Challenge is being offered in Rhode Island for the 7th consecutive year by the Rhode Island Council for Economic Education and Rhode Island Jump$tart Coalition, thanks to generous support from Fidelity Investments. 

Rhode Island's statewide Personal Finance Challenge will be conducted entirely online during the period March 15 - April 23, 2021. There will be separate divisions for High School and Middle School students. The Challenge will be moderated by teachers in the classroom setting. However, if there are COVID-19 school closings at that time, RI students who are not attending in-person classes at  school will take the online Challenge at their homes durng the testing period under the supervision of a parent/guardian.

The 3 highest-scoring schools in each division will be awarded trophies. The news media will be notified about the students' accomplishments, and group photos will be taken with their teachers. A virtual awards ceremony will be held to ensure students are recognized at the state level.

In previous years, Rhode Island's top-scoring High School team represented our state at the National Personal Finance Challenge at the University of Nebraska Lincoln College of Business, located at 730 N. 14th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska. Check out this video on the National Personal Finance Challenge: However, due coronavirus concerns and travel restrictions, the 2021 Semi-Finals and Nationals will be held virtually.

Research has shown that student competitions increase student participation, promote attendance, and help students achieve higher grades and test scores. For teachers, the Challenge provides a useful tool to help encourage students and generate excitement for classroom materials.

Please register your students starting on January 11, 2021 for this exciting competition. Share the codes with them and encourage them to participate online under the supervision of their parents/guardians durng March 15 - April 23. You will be able to log in and see their individual scores afterward. This is a great online activity for your students to work on during this period of K-12 distance learning in RI. 

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