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1.  Register as a teacher. Within 24 hours you will receive an email confirming your registration.

2. Once you have registered as a teacher, you can begin to create student teams of 3 to 4 students.

3. Competition dates for are March 1st - March 31st. Once the competition begins, students can enter the Virginia Personal Finance Challenge ONLINE website and complete a 30 question rapid-fire exam.  Each student will be given 35 minutes to complete the exam. Students must complete the exam without any outside assistance. Teachers are responsible for monitoring students to prevent cheating.

4. Top scoring teams in each VCEE university-based Center for Economic Education region will be recognized. Your school's region can be found here: REGIONS.

5. Each correct answer is worth 10 points. The team's score is the sum of the top 3 students' scores. 

6.  The top team in each VCEE university-basd Center for Economic Education region will compete at the Virginia Personal Finance Challenge State Championship. 

7. The top scoring team in Virginia will advance to the national semi-finals. In the event of a tie, the tiebreaker will be the team that used the least amount of time on the online exam. If necesarry, the score and testing time of the fourth student will be used as additional tiebreakers. 

Students competing in the Virginia Personal Finance Challenge Online may also participate in the Virginia Economics Challenge Online competition. Click HERE to go to the Virginia Economics Challenge Online site.