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Delaware Council on Economic Education

The Delaware Council on Economic Education was established in the late 1960s to promote economic literacy and to offer teacher training to carry out that mission. The Council is a non-profit organization comprised of members of the business and education communities. The Council utilizes contributions from both private and public sources to provide training and resources that allow teachers to deliver quality programs in their classrooms related to issues of the economy, entrepreneurship and personal finance. It is affiliated with the Council on Economic Education, a national network based in New York.

Delaware Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship

By 1971, professors of economics at the University of Delaware in conjunction with the Delaware Council founded the Delaware Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship. The Center, housed in the Lerner College of Business and Economics at the University of Delaware, trains teachers in content, innovative strategies and methods to provide a strong foundation in economics, personal finance and entrepreneurship to prepare future productive citizens. Sound economic and financial literacy education means students will have the knowledge and skills required to make reasoned decisions and choices not only in regard to their personal finances, but also to public policy issues when they enter the voting booth. In addition to the nationally recognized award winning Masters of Arts in Economic Education and Entrepreneurship, the Center offers graduate courses and workshops for K-12 teachers of social studies, mathematics, business, and family and consumer science. Another major outreach involves supporting school districts in their efforts to meet the state standards in economic education through curriculum review and development.